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Free Days of Sickness (Harry Centric Zianourry)

AN: THIS ISN”T MY BEST WORK. I’m sorry. It’s totally okay to criticize because I personally don’t think I did well and if the prompter asks, I would gladly re write it :) Enjoy I hope.


PROMPT: Can you write a Zianourry where Harry gets like sick to his stomach when they have a day off, but he doesn’t tell anyone, they find out when he gets sick?


Free Days of Sickness

Groaning and rolling over, Harry whimpered gently and clutched his stomach, wincing at the pain. When his stomach was hurting last night he assumed that he must have eaten something bad and waved it off, assuming it was nothing. He felt strong arms wrap around him and he instantly knew it was Zayn from the scent, and he cuddled into his arms, shutting his eyes tightly and trying to take deep breaths.

“Babe? You okay?” Zayn said groggily, with his eyes half cracked open as Harry nuzzled further into his chest.

“M’ fine.” Harry said softly, kissing Zayn’s chest and closing his eyes again. Shrugging, Zayn cuddled Harry and fell back asleep, warm under the duvet. Harry could feel other hands wrap around his waist this time, and he curled up a little more, almost to the point where he was a ball of limbs, trying to make the stabbing pain in his stomach go away and silently thanking god that today was a day off. Unable to fall back asleep, he simply enjoyed the warmth in the bed from the five bodies all huddled together, as he tried to focus on what felt like someone repeatedly stabbing him in his stomach with a blade of some sort. As the boys got out of bed one by one, each waking up to go get breakfast, Harry remained, pretending he was asleep until eventually even Zayn woke up and kissed Harry’s forehead, going towards the smell of bacon and pancakes. With the strong scent of breakfast wafting into the room, Harry felt like he wanted to throw up and got out of bed, looking in the mirror. He didn’t look dreadful and he tamed his curls a little bit, deciding they look decent enough before dizzily making his way downstairs. Holding onto the wall, he stepped into the kitchen and nearly vomited. There was sugar and pancakes and bacon and chocolate milk and possibly the worst thing Harry could be looking at right now, and he turned around to try to make it up to his bedroom so that he could sleep this off or something. His stomach was churning at the sight of food in the kitchen, and he felt dizzy from walking down the stairs, and then the fact that all the screaming and chatter in the kitchen was giving him a spltting headache. Trying not to be noticed, he quickly made his way back to the bottom of the stairs but heard a voice behind him.

“Hey Haz? Breakfast?” he could hear Liam’s voice call and he shuddered.

“Not hungry.” Harry said as softly as he could, trying to prevent the killer headache from becoming worse.

“Well c’mon mate, it’s our day off and Nialler just said he missed you.” Liam said slyly, and Harry winced slightly, making his way to the kitchen. Grabbing Liam’s hand for support so he could walk relatively normally, he sat down at his seat at the table and put his chin on his hands, looking at the boys weakly.

“Morning lads.” he said in a small voice, wincing at the pain in his stomach and head. He must have caught something during the performance yesterday, but he couldn’t let it ruin their day off, something they rarely had.

“Haz!” Niall screamed, immeadiately jumping up from his seat and into Harry’s arms, ramming his elbow into Harry’s stomach. The pain just intensified and Harry looked down, fighting the tears that were beginning to form in his eyes.

“Ello Ni.” Harry said softly, moving away from the kiss Niall tried to give him in an effort not to make him sick. Niall frowned and nuzzled himself into Harry’s chest, and Harry smiled weakly, ignoring the strange looks from the rest of the boys. Wincing at the hard wave of pain that hit his stomach, he immeadiatly felt the bile rise in his chest and he shoved Niall off of him, trying to find a bathroom. Standing up and running out of the kitchen, he could hear some angry calls from the boys at his sudden action and Liam comforting a dazed looking Niall on the floor. Trying to find a bathroom so that he wouldn’t vomit all over the floor, Harry flung open the door of the bathroom next to the living room and locked the door hurriedly, leaning over the toilet and heaving up everything he had eaten yesterday. Wincing and continuing to heave into the toilet, he could hear the angry boys banging on the door, sounding furious at Harry for acting the way he did around Niall. Wincing and flushing the toilet, Harry leaned his head against the wall for a few seconds before getting up and weakly opening the door, dreading to have the boys yell at him.

“HARRY WHAT THE FUC- oh sweetie.” Louis sighed, feeling his anger wash away when he saw the state of Harry. A few tears straying down his pale cheeks, he stood in the doorway and tried to get the spots to dissapear in his vision so he could find Niall.

“Ni-Niall.” he said weakly, and the Irish boy came forward, taking Harry into his arms and Harry weakly fell into them, beginning to cry harder.

“I’m sorry Ni, I just felt really sick and I didn’t want to vomit all over y-” he protested weakly before Niall shushed him and kissed his hair lightly. The rest of the boys moved forwards, encasing Harry in a wall of kisses and hugs.

“Hon you should have told us you were feeling poorly.” Zayn murmured into Harry’s ear, wiping away the tears with his thumbs. Picking him up bridal style, Louis lifted him up into his arms and Harry just nuzzled his face into his chest as Louis went to their
bedroom and set him on the bed.

“Mmph lads I’m fine I just don’t want to ruin the day. Here I’ll get dressed and we can go out.” Harry said gently while beginning to get up from bed, only to gently be pushed back down.

“Go to sleep love, we will be here when you wake up.” Liam said gently, and the other boys were already getting into the bed, cuddling around the sick boy.

“Don’t want to get you sick.” Harry whined but it was obvious he was already half asleep.

“Haz go to sleep, we’ll be here.” Niall whined back, cuddling into Harry’s chest, and with that, he simply fell back into the pillow and drifted off, each other boy not far behind. 


Not my best work at all, and I’m really sorry :(

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